What we do


We run the “Sofia Centre” for young girls and boys who cannot go to established schools. A house to house survey assessed the causes – as expected, poverty, absent parents (day labourers), unwillingness to educate girls.

Ours is a non-formal school with times adjusted to when the girls are free (having finished the cleaning and cooking at home!) They are given the basic education of reading and writing to be able to sign their names and a good grounding in needlework and embroidery which puts them into the category of non-formal workers and enables them to sew for themselves and to earn a living.

Today those who are good in studies, we support the girls to continue their education with the help of some generous donors.

Where do the children go from Sofia Centre after 4 years?
We prepare the children to get into the main stream-the free run Government schools. Most all children pass the entrance test to the 5th grade. However some caught up in domestic and economic problems tend to discontinue their education.

Towards end of the academic year we invite the parents to discuss the future of their children. It is encouraging that the number of parents who attend these
meetings grows each year.
Though uneducated themselves they understand the importance
of education for their children especially their “girl child.”