How can I get into contact with the school?
Contact person:  Sr. Mary Varghese, Headmistress
Email 1: mvarghese36@hotmail.com
Email 2: mvarghese36@gmail.com
Sr. Mary Varghese
Sofia Centre
6/New Patliputra Colony
Road No.1
Patna 800 013, Bihar, INDIA

What can I donate for the school/ what is really needed?
To donate things:
We would welcome drawing books for small children,
pencils and note books. And other stationeries like, rubber, sharpener,
plane sheets of ruled paper, balls to play with, skipping rope.
I suggest these things should not be very expensive quality.
Some times we need some financial support to enhance the teacher’s salaries.

How can I send a parcel? What is the best way to send a parcel?
Sending parcels seem to be a difficult proposal.
Small parcels arrive safely.
If the parcel is heavy, according to the rules of the postal authorities they open them and help themselves quite a bit.
If parcels are sent through a known person they will arrive safely or we can meet the person/s.

Can I adopt a child?
Adopting a child is not necessary because they do not pay fees when the children are with us in Sofia Centre for 3 or 4 years. Later on we support girls only if it is necessary. Here the financial help is given if we are sure the child will continue her education. Financial help is given to pay fees, for books and uniform.
We will be happy to suggest the names of those who really need help after 3/4 years of schooling with us.
At present we help 4 girls to finish their high school.

Can I volunteer for the school?
Yes, of course you can. You can volunteer to teach English, conduct games, music and craft work for small children. The best time would be from November to February months. We can have one or two persons at a time.
You need to contact “Young AMASC” at the following address:

Can I visit the school?

You are most welcome to visit the school.

Which subjects are taught in your school?
The subjects we teach in Sofia Centre are English, Maths, Hindi and Environmental studies.

How many children do the school have? How many teachers?
Our numbers fluctuate. Some months we have more than 180 children, some months we have between 80 and 120. During festival season, harvesting season and some other important functions  in the family the children go to their villages for several weeks. We have 5 teaching staff including the person in charge.