Sofia Centre celebrates 10 years


This had to be celebrated!  The children prepared a short program of dance and songs in English and Hindi. It took more than 2 months of practice but finally they stood with confidence on the stage.

It was their first opportunity to perform in front of their parents and some invited guests.
Imagine the pride of the mothers watching them!
Most of the fathers of our kids could not be present as their contract labour or unskilled work ends late at night. All the children came neat and tidy in their best dress to enjoy the celebration.

Almost 95 percent of them performed in some item or other.
Some of those not in any of the items were chosen to present flowers to the guests.
One of our distinguished guests spoke a few words of encouragement and appreciation. While congratulating their performance he enthused them with a promise to visit again to see their progress in studies and other activities.
We remembered with ever-growing gratitude our generous benefactors, local and foreign, without whom we would not have been able to celebrate this jubilee.
We also expressed our gratitude to our past and present teachers and to our support staff who gave their service to Sofia Centre.

Our special thanks went to the mothers of our children for bringing their girls to the school. Quite a number of our ex-students now continuing their studies in other schools were present at this occasion.
The celebration ended with each child receiving a packet of biscuits – all
went home happy!